Cheese Hunt

Cheese Hunt is the frist game by BanjoCows. It is an indie game where you, as a mouse, try to collect as much score as possible while the cat is trying to kill you. It is a simple game at its core, but with things like power ups and the leveling system, there is variety in playstyle. Cheese Hunt started in 2018 as a side project in the summer. The first version was finished in October of that year. Since then, I have been working on the game every now and then.

Note, game may run slowly. This will be fixed in the update coming probably in January

Alpha 0.5 Change Log

Alpha 0.5, or the Score Rework Update, was released January 26th, 2020. The main focus was to rework the way score was callculated and corrected. It fundamentally changed the game and added variety in playstyle while giving you more freedom to play however you want.

Alpha 0.5 (Score Rework Update)
-Reworked the way score is calculated
-Cheese adds 10 score base
-Getting a power up adds 40 score base
-You gain 1 score base every 5 seconds for surviving
-You gain 100 score base for leveling up
-You level up everytime you collect cheese
-There is no way to see the cheese you have but the game keeps that information
-2x score doubles all ways to get score, not just cheese
-Did some backend changes to make the graphics appear stonger and less blurry

Play Here

Score Test

Leaderboard (Currently in development)


A and Left Arrow - Turn Left
D and Right Arrow - Turn Right
W and Up Arrow - Forward


Surviving 5 Seconds - 2
Cheese - 20
Power Up - 40
Level Up - 100
You level up every 10 cheese you collect


If you wish to download this game and play it offline, you can go to out page and dowenload it from there. If you don't want to download it from there, don't worry. A download link will be added here at some point in the future.