This Website

This is the official website of the Bob in Disguise YouTube channel and the official website of BanjoCows. This is also a semi open source website so if you want to see the code for this website, you can head to the website's GitHub. This website is still being made and is a side project that I am working on. This is website is made completly from scratch as a little extra challenge for myself. I will continue to update this site with all my projects, news, and just making it better in general.

Bob in Disguise

Bob in Disguise is a YouTube channel that is focused on gaming, update videos for BanjoCows, and other random stuff including my very popular school project series. It has just over 100 subscribers and has videos are uploaded on it following a loose upload schedule of about 1 video every week or so. You can go check it out and subscribe to suport it. One of the most recent videos is a school project music video where we had to make a story about an animal evolving. Go watch it!


BanjoCows is the name of the company that we release software under. Think of it as a software/game dev studio. It was satrted in 2017 when we decided to make video games. Currently our only game is Cheese Hunt and it gets updated regularly. We do have plans to expand and to begin work on other games and programs. You can also play our games on this website without having to download them.


Cheese Hunt is a game where you, as a mouse, try to collect as much score without dying to the cat.