Leaderboard Finished and New Ideas: 11/3/2022

Once again, it has been a while. Things in my personal life are mainly to blame, but I have made changes to the website. First thing, I finished the leaderboard. I actually got it working months ago but, as of this me writing this, have just finished cleaning up the code and all debug aspects. Second, I have begun on a new project. I do not know how successful it will be or if I will be able to do it, but I have started it. If/when I determine I will fully go through with it, I will upload it here. I have also had thoughts about starting a new youtube channe. That, however, is like the new project I started, still mostly a concept which I will go more into if I actually go through with it. I have also been thinking about a change to the webstie layout and design to make it look better. More will come out if/when I mke progress on that. Finally, something I know I will do, officially finish Cheese Hunt. My plan, as of right now, is to fix a bunch of bugs in the game, make the code work better, and add some sound. There are other things I want to add but this is all I can confirm for now. Cheese Hunt has been a game I have been making on and off (mostly off) since middle school and I feel, given I am a high school senior, it is time I do the final update. With all that said, have a great day and bye for now!