Some Things Have Happened: 7/9/2021

It's been a while since I have addded to this site. A short run down is that I spent alot of time trying to set up a leaderboard for Cheese Hunt, a few people messed up a couple of things, I got burnout on coding, and kept putting this off. Alot of things have happened in the meantime though. The youtube channel started doing good, with its only flaw being my upload schedule (school was not helpful), and I expanded my skills in areas such as coding and video editing. As I start working on this website again, I have multiple things I am going to work on. The first task is finally tackling that leaderboard. The second task is changing up the color scheme to be something a little less boring. I have researched and tested different ideas so it should be an easy one. Final task I have planned (coding wise) is to either give Cheese Hunt a long awaited update or to start a new project. I have a couple ideas for the former and quite a few for the latter. Anyways thats whats been happening, my thoughts, and my hopes. Lets see how long it takes for me to get this done. See you next time and bye for now!