Leaderboard is Nearing Completion: 6/26/2020

Over the past 2 months, I have been working on creating a leaderboard with the goal of making a competitive enviorment, or as competitive as we can make. As someone who has used this website as a learning experience, I have spent most of that time learning how to make the leaderboard and have it work properly. I am making this update to say that I have made a leaderboard that works... kinda. It works but resets everytime you refresh or leave the page. I plan to solve this by using a database. I have ordered stuff that will allow me to create one and hope to get it running as soon as possible. You might also notice the news section looks different. This is because I felt the need to make it more organized as I add more articles. TLDR, I made the leaderboard work as much as I can, waiting for something so I can make it save scores for everyone and display it publicly, and news section was reorganized. See you next time and bye for now!